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Adobe Flash Tutorial

Meet the Flash is a tutorial program designed to teach Adobe Flash CS3 to beginners and anyone who is new to the program. The software is an e-book and video tutorial in one.

Meet the Flash has the best of both worlds in terms of the medium of teaching used. The flash-book texts explain concepts, ideas and instructions in detail while the video clips are visual presentations to help the users understand ideas better.

The entire program covers lessons from creating or drawing single frame images, creating animations, adding text to adding movie clips. Meet the Flash even teaches basic Action Scripting to introduce that programming language to users.

ActionScript is a Flash-based language to incorporate interactivity to Flash files like that of websites, SWF files and video. There are 38 video clips in the entire package, which totals to up to 3 hours run time.

Also, the book features browser-like interactivity for table of contents, bookmarks, history and text search. The program is an efficient way to learn Flash by yourself.

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Meet the Flash


Meet the Flash 1

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